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sedationMany people can feel nervous at the thought of a visit to the Dentist- in fact, this is actually very common. However, for some patients this fear can develop into a phobia, becoming all-consuming and meaning that they’ll avoid a visit- unless absolutely necessary. Most likely because they are in a lot of pain or unable to eat on certain a tooth.

Please don’t suffer because you are too scared to visit your Dentist. At Inspired Dentistry we are very experienced in the care of nervous patients. In fact, Dr Rehman has carried out over 7,000 sedation procedures- allowing many of our patients to visit us calmly and comfortably.

We are able to offer intravenous for a check-ups and treatment.

If you think intravenous sedation would help you please or you’d like to find out more please call us today.

We assure you that we’ll do all we can to help make your visit easier.

Intravenous Sedation available at Inspired Dentistry

Intravenous sedation is a popular and very effective way of helping a patient to relax during their dental visit.

An intravenous sedative is injected with a very fine needle, bar the initial needle prick at the beginning you will find the quick and comfortable. As the sedation goes straight into your bloodstream you will feel the effects very quickly.

Although you may notice a little drowsiness you will still be able to communicate fully with our Dentist throughout the duration of your appointment. It’s likely you’ll be blissfully unaware of the procedure- in fact, it’s likely the process will be over before you even realise!

Do remember that effects of intravenous sedation can take several hours to wear off so it’s important that you bring someone with you so that they can help you get home. They’ll also need to look after you for a few hours until you are feeling more normal.

If you would like to find out more about intravenous sedation available at Inspired Dentistry please call us on 01603 782 885.

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