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CBCT Scanner, Digital Scanning and iCam4D



At Inspired Dentistry, we are continuously developing our skills whilst investing in the newest and most innovative dental treatments and technologies such as CBCT scanner, Digital Scanning and the iCam 4D photogrammetry.  With this type of advanced equipment available on site – our patients can receive the highest quality, and most up to date dental care possible all under one roof.

iCam 4d Photogrammetry

The iCam 4D is revolutionizing the workflow for multi-implant restorations.  This exciting new technology has tremendous benefits for the patient and all parties involved from dentist to production.  The iCam 4D technology reduces chair-time, the number of visits, and it eliminates significant hardware, personnel and production costs.  It is the only technology that guarantees predicable and accurate results independent of the operator.

Digital Scanning

We have all been to the dentist and had the need for an Impression.  It’s not fun.  The ability to offer digital impressions instead has become a massive advantage to our clinicians and our patients.  Some patients have a fear of gaging during impression taking and it can be a common phobia, causing patients to avoid this type of procedure.  With digital scanning we can complete the intraoral scan by stopping and starting, giving you time to relax between.  Our patients have found this procedure a pleasant surprise.

CBCT Scanner

A CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography) scanner is a state-of-the-art machine which provides accurate 3D diagnostic images of a patient’s mouth. The high-resolution scans allow incredibly precise diagnosis and treatment planning, vastly elevating the patient experience, especially in more complex cases.

The CBCT scan itself is minimally invasive and completely painless, requiring no prior preparation. It has significantly transformed the way modern dentists can treat their patients.

What can a dental CBCT scan be used for?

  • Highly accurate dental implant placement
  • Planning for orthodontic treatment
  • More complex endodontic cases
  • To show potential dental issues or irregularities
  • Other diagnostic reasons, including before oral surgery

What are the benefits of a CBCT scan?

  • Highly accurate and precise
  • Can be used to give patients a better understanding of their treatment
  • Produces very detailed images which minimise the risk of any errors
  • Gives a better overall view of the whole mouth and jaw
  • Fast and completely painless

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