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Clear Aligners

Clear Aligners – The clear way to a beautifully straight smile.

If you are looking to improve the look of your smile in a discreet and comfortable way then Clear Aligners could be perfect for you.

This exciting orthodontic treatment, often described as the ‘invisible brace’ has been used by millions of people worldwide. It has become very popular in teenagers and adults looking to tidy up relapsed orthodontic treatment from childhood.

Clear Aligners allows for highly predictable and precise results. Due to this treatment times are often much reduced. As a result, the costs involved in Clear Aligners treatment also decrease- making this a highly affordable option for many patients.

What makes Clear Aligners so good?

This innovative system combines a number of exciting features:

The aligners are virtually invisible

Your custom-made aligners will be made from clear, medical grade plastic which is very light and thin- yet strong and durable. The aligners will fit over your teeth perfectly helping them to feel comfortable and having a minimal effect on your ability to talk. With no metal parts you will find your aligners almost impossible to see.
The plastic is resistant to staining and odour so feel confident your aligners won’t discolour over time- they’ll remain hygienic and attractive.

You are benefitting from cutting edge technology

Clear Aligners makes use of a cutting edge 3D technology called Clincheck®. This advanced system allows us to plan your treatment advance. Simply by taking impressions of your teeth we can produce a model of them on the computer screen. The software then allows us (and you) to see exactly how your teeth move- and even what they will look following treatment- how exciting!

Using the data produced in Clincheck, a set of aligners will be produced for you. All you need to do is wear each aligner in turn for two weeks. Each one will be expertly designed and manufactured to exert just the right amount of right pressure in the correct place- moving your teeth quickly yet comfortably.

This highly advanced technology will also give us a very good idea of how long the process could take too! Provided you wear each aligner for the correct amount of time (and as advised) you’ll find this prediction is pretty much spot on.

Clear Aligners is suitable for a wide range of patients

From serious misalignments to less complex overcrowding or tooth rotations, Clear Aligners can be used to deal with any number of issues. The aligners can be used on top or bottom teeth.

They are comfortable

Clear Aligners are much more comfortable than traditional metal braces. With no metal parts is there is nothing to rub on the inside of the mouth and they are suitable for patients with nickel allergies.

They are convenient

You’ll find that your aligners fit in easily with your life. They can be easily removed to eat and clean your teeth. Provided that you wear them as directed for the rest of the time it’s also possible to remove them for special occasions with no problems.

With your aligners custom made in advance the need for frequent and uncomfortable tightening appointments is eliminated.

Being virtually invisible you can carry on with life as normal- talking, smiling and feeling confident on a daily basis.

They are fast working

This highly bespoke system offers truly targeted results- meaning that you will find treatment times much quicker. Although the length of treatment will differ according to each patient on average it is between 12 and 18 months. Many patients have finished treatment within just 6 months while those with more complex issues can take up to 2 years.

Clear Aligners- The Process:

  • Before your treatment begins we will fully check the health of your teeth and gums.
  • We will take impressions of your teeth to create your detailed treatment plan on Clincheck ®. Your aligners will then be designed and manufactured for you.
  • Once produced, your tailor made aligners will be sent to us. At this point we will contact you so that you can collect the first one.
  • Every 2 weeks you will need to collect your new aligner continuing through the set until the end of treatment.
  • We will need you to visit us for regular checks (around every 2- 3 months). This allows us to check your teeth and ensure that treatment is progressing as expected.

After Clear Aligners treatment a retainer will help keep your new teeth looking great.

Following any type of orthodontic treatment a retainer is highly recommended. A retainer will help to stop your teeth moving back into their original positions- or continuing to move.

With Clear Aligners, each patient will receive a set of three bespoke retainers. With each one made from the same materials as your aligners you can rest assured they will be strong, durable and remain hygienic in the long-term.

Will Clear Aligners hurt?

Unfortunately any tooth straightening treatment can cause some discomfort at times- and Clear Aligners is no different. On the whole, due to its lack of metal parts your Clear Aligners should be comfortable. The main cause of any pain will be due to the movement of your teeth. If required, general painkillers should help.

With the Clear Aligners system your teeth are moved slowly and gently. Therefore the potential for any damage to teeth or roots is dramatically reduced.

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