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Dental Crowns

A dental crown is a professionally manufactured cover that is placed over a natural tooth helping to restore its appearance and function. It allows us to restore strength to a tooth whilst maintaining a natural look. Your crown will be carefully measured and made to blend in perfectly with your existing teeth. Once you are used to it, it will feel as secure, strong and natural as your existing teeth.

A crown may be required when:

  • There is severe decay or damage in the tooth
  • When a tooth has lost the ability to support a standard filling.
  • To protect and restore a tooth following a root canal treatment.

What is a crown made of?

A crown can made from a variety of materials. This will depend on the location in your mouth and what your own personal preference.

Many patients prefer visible crowns to be made from porcelain or ceramic so that they look natural. Gold or metal alloys are commonly used in the bigger back teeth where extra strength and durability is required for chewing.

Whatever material you choose, your crown will be matched in size and shape so that it blends in perfectly with your existing teeth.

Is there an alternative to a dental crown?

There are few alternatives to a crown- other than an extraction of the tooth. At Inspired Dentistry we would always advise against the extraction of a tooth due to the various issues that can arise as a result.

Another option is a dental implant- but this is a much more costly and involved process.

While a standard filling could help it is highly likely to be a short term fix. The need for a crown is likely to arise at some point in the near future –so it’s often more cost-effective to get one fitted first and save time and money.

Are crowns expensive?

The cost of your crown will vary depending on the materials used and the type of tooth being crowned. Gold is the most expensive (and durable) material. Prices can range from £795.00.

Crowns are generally very hard-wearing and durable and (with good maintenance and care) they have the potential to last for many years- often 10 or more.

For many patients a crown will offer a comfortable, strong and affordable way to restore their smile in the long-term.

Fitting a crown:

Before a new crown is placed the original tooth must be prepared. This involves the removal of any old fillings or decay by drilling the tooth. For your comfort, this will take place under a local anaesthetic. When there is enough space for the crown to sit level with your other teeth an impression will be taken.

While you are waiting for your new crown we can fit a temporary one to enable you to use the tooth in comfort.

It will take around 2 weeks to make your crown. At your fitting appointment it will be checked for fit and size. Once you are happy with it we will fix it in place with dental cement.

Following fitting of a crown:

Be careful with your new crown in the immediate hours and days after fitting- avoid very hard foods that might damage it.

Keep it clean as you would any of your other teeth with regular brushing and flossing. Remember that the health of the tooth and gum underneath your crown will directly affect its longevity.

It is possible to damage a crown by eating hard foods. We advise that you attend regular dental check-ups so that we can spot any problems early.

In the unlikely event that your crown falls out or breaks you should call us immediately for an emergency appointment.

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