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Confidence to Smile

Confidence to SmileDid you know that a smile is one of the first things we notice about someone? And, therefore it’s likely to be the first thing they notice about us! In fact research has shown that the quality of a smile is considered one of the most important features when rating someone’s attractiveness!

It doesn’t bode well then that up to half of the people in Britain are unhappy with their smile- for one reason or another.

Don’t resign yourself to a set of teeth you are unhappy with or feel embarrassed to show off. Today, the field of dentistry gives us many exciting ways in which we can improve a smile. It really is possible to make a change (subtle or dramatic) allowing you to finally feel confident and happy when talking or smiling.

Depending on your requirements there are many ways to improve the look of your teeth. Some cosmetic dental treatments such as tooth straightening or dental implants are more involved and costly- yet they will offer a significant and long-term transformation. Others can be much quicker and often more comfortable and affordable than you might imagine.

At Inspired Dentistry our range of cosmetic treatments includes comfortable and effective tooth whitening and the highly discreet and fast working Clear Aligners. For an instant transformation find out more about our beautiful veneers or white fillings which could restore a beautifully natural look to your smile.

Dr Rehman is no short coming when it comes to experience, designing smiles for the last 15 years and has placed over 20,000 restorations during this period. He has achieved his masters in advanced aesthetics in 2005 (Miami) and had taught alongside the very best in the industry with pioneers such as Larry Rosenthal and Professor John Kois.

For those patients struggling with numerous missing or damaged teeth the revolutionary ‘All on Four’ dental implants really could be life changing- enabling you to leave the practice on the same day with a fully restored and useable set of teeth.

If you are scared about a trip to the Dentist, remember that today it is often a much more pleasant and comfortable experience. Nerves are common and often mean patients simply put up with painful or unattractive teeth they are unhappy with. If you are keen to visit but worried about nerves then do speak to us before your visit. We would be pleased to accommodate you in whatever way possible. We can even offer sedation if necessary.

However you’d like to transform your smile, at Inspired Dentistry our friendly and highly skilled staff would love to help you. We understand the importance of a great smile- and the dramatic impact it could have in so many areas of your life. Find out more about how we could help give you the confidence to smile.

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All on 4 Implants

The revolutionary way to a beautiful and permanent new smile.

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Affordable care plans

Spread the cost of high quality dentistry with a regular monthly payment.

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State of the art surgeries

Digital X-rays to 3D computer technology, our modern surgeries are well-equipped.

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