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Dental Bridge

Are you looking to replace a missing tooth or are you in need of a tooth extraction? Are you wondering about the best way in which to restore function and appearance to your mouth in the long-term?

If so, a dental bridge could be the answer. This well-established and highly successful type of fixed restoration makes use of the neighbouring teeth either side of a gap- anchoring to them to support and securely hold a manufactured crown in place.
Dental bridges are most commonly made from metal but if necessary, porcelain can be bonded to the base for a more natural finish.

Are bridges expensive?

A dental bridge can be an expensive treatment but do bear in mind that the design and manufacture process is lengthy and involved.

As your dental bridge will be tailor made for you significant skill is required and the procedure can take some time. You will need to attend several appointments for measuring to help us make sure your bridge feels comfortable, fits securely and looks natural.

When fitted, your bridge will be very strong and durable. With good care and regular maintenance it could potentially last for 15 years or more.

It’s also highly likely a bridge will help to prevent any future oral health issues that could arise in the future as a result of missing teeth.

For these reasons, many patients find that a dental bridge is a cost effective option compared to alternatives.

The benefits of a dental bridge

  • You will be able to smile and talk to others with more confidence
  • You’ll be able to comfortably eat a wider range of foods
  • A bridge can help restore definition and shape to your face- supporting lips and cheeks
  • A bridge will help protect your remaining teeth from movement.

How will we fit your dental bridge?

Firstly you will be invited in for an initial consultation so that we can determine if a bridge is suitable for you.

Next, your abutment teeth (those on either side of the gap) will be prepared by removing the tooth enamel. This will allow your new crown to sit level with your existing teeth. This process will take place under a local anaesthetic to help prevent any discomfort.

When the abutment teeth are prepared, impressions will be taken. These impressions will be used to produce the bridge. If necessary, we can fit a temporary bridge to help while you wait for your new one.

Around a week later, your new dental bridge will be ready. At your fitting appointment we will check it for fit, bite and comfort. Once you are completely happy with it, we will fix it in place with a dental cement.

If required, we will book a subsequent check-up appointment so we can ensure you are comfortable and please with your bridge.

Getting use to your new dental bridge

It can take some time to get used to a new dental bridge- but trust us, once you do it’s likely to make life considerably easier.

If you find eating a little difficult try sticking with a softer diet. Introduce hard items slowly over a few days or weeks.

You may also struggle slightly with speech- noticing a slight lisp on certain words. This will improve quickly over tie and with repetition. So keep practising those difficult words when you are at home alone.

If you have any pain or if your bridge feels loose or uncomfortable please contact us immediately.

Looking after your bridge in the long-term

It’s important to look after your bridge just as well as the rest of your teeth.

A bridge has the potential to last for many years- but its success will depend on the health of your gums and the teeth holding it in place.

  • Brush teeth twice a day and floss.
  • Use a bridge needle to clean underneath the false tooth each day.
  • We advise that you visit the Dentist and Hygienist regularly for check-ups. This will allow us to pick up on any problem early.
  • Avoid a sugary diet which could damage to tooth enamel or cause decay.
  • Be careful when eating very hard foods which could damage your bridge.

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